Excellent Corbett Safari with Leisure Hotels Ltd

With the excellent rElephant Safariecord of achievements and distinct name as one of the leading facilitators of travel services, Leisure Hotels Ltd offers an unforgettable journey to the Jim Corbett National Park – the first wildlife reserve of India in the Himalayan foothills. For adventure seekers and nature lovers alike, there are excellent arrangements for safari trips that Leisure Hotels brings you. Those who want to experience the adventure of an exciting sojourn in the lap of nature and wildlife, Leisure Hotels Ltd. is a name thats hard to ignore. With diverse offerings such as elephant safaris, jeep safaris, and more, you dont need to look farther than here for the best Corbett Safari.

An elephant safari is an unforgettable experience in itself. Ride the majestic animal and enjoy your surroundings like an ancient Indian king out on his royal promenade. I recently had my share of the grand experience. I started my day with a full-day expedition on an elephant back, stopping en route at a picturesque forest rest house, built in 1892 for rest and then venturing deeper into the jungles.

I witnessed the natural habitats of wild animals like elephants, deer, antelopes, tigers and birds like Cormorants, the Darter, the Grey Heron, the White-necked and Black-necked Storks and plenty more.

The sights and sounds I experienced will stay with me for my entire life. The day ended with a hot water bath along with a scrumptious meal back at the hotel.

Safari trips in a jeep another day took me to the incredible insides of the forest that every adventure seeker would love expense their time for. All that and more on another post some other day.


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