Enjoy A Thrilling Jeep Safari in Corbett

If you are visiting Corbett, dont miss the chance of spending a day in the jungles around on a Jeep safari in Corbett. Safaris are always exciting and promise for an exciting adventure. There are different types of safaris that are available in the Corbett National Park, such as jeep safari, horse safari, elephant safari, fishing safari and the Nature Walk. Each holds its own charms and marvels. You should explore them all if you can.

The Jeep Safari lets you enjeep safarisjoy the beauty of the park like few other rides. Its an extremely rewarding experience for adventure lovers and wildlife photographers. Jeep safari tours are the safest alternative for those who are frightened of venturing into the forests otherwise. Besides, Jeeps are reliable vehicles to take out on the rugged terrains of these hilly forests.

The Jeep Safari in Corbett was organized and arranged for by one of the most reputed resorts in the area running under the banner of Leisure Hotels Ltd. For this, every hotel has its own army of rugged 4WD Petrol Gypsys. Leisure Hotels are no exception. In their mind-blowing jeep safaris, you get everything comfortable and secure vehicles, provisions for drinking water, juice and snacks, expert drivers and guides who know the area well, first-aid kits and more.

Safaris are arranged in the Bijrani, Jhirna, Sitavani and Durgadevi zones. The full-day Jeep safari starts with an early morning drive to view local wildlife. Post breakfast, a hike along beautiful trails is a great experience. This is followed by a short break for lunch at an exotic rest house. When you are back to your hotel finally by the dusk, an inviting campfire and mouth-watering dinner awaits you.


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