Must-Enjoy A Horse Safari In Uttarakhand

Horse SafariTo explore Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand on a horse back has many advantages. Not to mention, riding a healthy and handsome horse is anyones fantasy. This is but of course in addition to the opportunity to travel long distance into the forest without hiccup and camping inside the jungles. Think about it, a horse can take you through the most difficult of terrains inside the jungle with cake walk ease, where a jeep or an elephant, on the other hand, would be rendered immobile. Indeed, many tourists decide in favour of a horse safari over any thing else.

About the horses that take you on a jungle safari at Uttarakhand

When in Uttarakhand, the horse safaris vendors provide you with tall and elegant horses of Marwari origin. More commonly known as the desert horses from the home of Thar desert, the breed impresses its viewers with regal gait and grace. The horse also displays alertness and flamboyance only suitable for a breed that has witnessed so many famines and feuds to emerge a survivor all the way.

Concluding lines

Riding such a decent and adapting horse is an experience in itself. To top it off with a horse safari across the wilds as picturesque as Jim Corbett; it just might turn out to be too unforgettable to drive you back to many more horse safaris time and again. Indeed, you would love to experience those long distances of into the wilderness through difficult terrain, accomplished in royal style and lan.


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