Pilgrimage In India Is Your Chance To Visit Real India

The world knows India for its spirituality and the many self-enlightening opportunities it offers. Pilgrimage in India is but obviously a great attraction for tourists. And when it comes to it, almost all pilgrimage options to India present themselves as exceptional opportunities to marvel at the natural beauty abound about the same time.

From soaring icy ranges of Himalayas to stimulating green hills of Garhwal; from tiny islands across Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea to verdant plains and undulating plateaus down South a wholesome collection of pilgrimages in India are sprawled across varied topography and climatic conditions, to help you take a pick, to suit your preference, and of course, pocket.

As already hinted, choosing one pilgrimage in India is not all that simple. You get so much choice that it may even prove to be baffling. Unless you are choosing one out of sheer faith, you would be amazed with the range of options before you.

In case you are planning to mix trekking with pilgrimage to India; you have especially many great options in Uttarakhand. The region has some of the most coveted shrines of India including Kedarnath, Badrinath, Yamunotri, Gangotri and Hemkund Sahib. Each one of them is very popular among devotees, particularly belonging to Hinduism and Sikhism faiths. In addition, the region offers you more than 350 Shiva temples alone and over 61 Vishnu temples in the region. There are several temples dedicated to Goddess Durga in her various reincarnations, including but not limited to Jwala Devi, Kunjapuri and Surkanda Devi.


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