Where To Visit And Stay In Bareilly?

Bareilly HotelsBareilly is a fast growing city in state of Uttar Pradesh and is a well-known center for furniture manufacture and trade in cotton, grain and sugar. Also known as Bans-Bareilly, the city is famous for its large market of bamboo and bamboo products. Well-connected by road and rail, Bareilly offers sound infrastructure to support any business or recreational demand. In addition, train of hotels in Bareilly renders the modest city near Kashipur of Uttarakhand, a favorable destination for undertaking industry, trade and tourism.

There are various places of tourist interests in Bareilly; these include Old Pilhibit situated on the bank of River Khakra, Zama Masjid and the 450 year old Gauri Shankar Temple of Hindu faith. Other attractions are Akshar Vihar, Executive Park, Gandhi Udyan, Alakhnath Temple, Tibri Nath Temple, Marimanth Temple and Dhopeshwarnath Temple. Being an important tourist and business destination, a number of hotels in manor style have also come up in Bareilly. The various hotels in Bareilly provide a perfect opportunity to explore the city while staying luxuriously.

Some of the better known hotels are easily traceable online using Google Search with keywords like Hotels in Bareilly. All these hotels in manor fashion have comfortable rooms with inclusive modern amenities and excellent dining facilities. Besides, these there are several budget hotels in and around the city of all ranges to suit ones pocket and preference. So the next time you are in Bareilly for business or on a holiday, choose any of these hotels and enjoy you stay.


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