Explore the Corbett First Hand on Your Safari Tour

Home to a vast variety of flora and fauna, Corbett attracts wildlife and Nature lovers from all parts of the world. Corbett is idyllically located in Uttarakhand- the sub Himalayan state, which has its own unique ecological characteristics. Uttarakhand welcomes you to an enchanting world of tall, ancient trees, spellbinding chorus of forest birds, herds of gentle chital, gurgling river, and the pristine beauty of Nature. On your Corbett safari tour, you get to explore the wonderful Corbett first hand.

You can enjoy Corbett safari with Leisure Hotels extending you various options to embark on a safari tour to the lush Corbett. If you wish to have a closer yet safer encounter with the wildlife of Corbett, then the best option would be jeep safari. While on jeep safari, you would be taken to the lush Uttarakhand Forest and exotic Kumaon Himalayas. Among the other safari tours, you can undertake include elephant safari, horse safari, bird safari, fishing safari, and horse safari.

Sitting comfortably and safely on the back of the largest animal on earth, elephant safari provides you with an opportunity to see and feel the Nature from a close proximity. While a horse safari can be a wonderful experience for those interested in having the pleasures of long distance. While the avid birdwatchers can soothe their senses by watching some of the most exotic birds on the bird safari, fishing safaris are just apt for the angling enthusiasts.

Besides the great safari tours, Leisure Hotels also extend you an opportunity to enjoy a comfortable stay with all the modern amenities superbly installed amidst the enchanting beauty of Nature. You can stay at the lavishly furnished hotels and resorts namely The Corbett Hideaway, The River View Retreat or The Hideaway River Lodge.


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