A Brief about Skiing Trips in India

India, with its fascinating range of areas and activities, has become the adventure playground of the world. Planning for a skiing trip in the country will give you the opportunity to feel the thrill and excitement of skiing over snow covered terrains. Skiing for both beginners and professionals is plentiful in the beautiful slopes of India. The sport becomes more adventurous if you use the simplest form of equipments. Mostly, skis in India are long, narrow and flexible runner with curved front ends that prevents digging into the snow. In order to prevent the skier from sinking, a pair of poles is used with leather strips on the top and sharp metal tips at the bottom. These elementary implements help the skier to chart new paths in his/her skiing trips.

Auli is the ideal destination for a skiing trip in India. It is situated at a distance of 15 km from Joshinath and is the longest ropeway in India. Its slopes, descending from 3049 to 2195 m can be compared to the best in the world. The 180 degree view of the nearby Himalayan peaks adds further to the thrill of skiing in Auli. Machines for snow packing are used to maintain the smoothness of the slopes and skiers are provided exciting opportunities for cross country, slalom and down-hill skiing events. A comprehensive online research will help you in finding exciting packages for skiing trips in India. Some reputed tour operators will provide you with a skiing instructor to assist you during your fascinating skiing holiday in Auli.


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