Ayurveda Spa- Extending Myriad of Beauty and Health Treatments the Natural Way

Ayurvedic wellness spasAyurveda offers a wide variety of beauty as well as health treatments, which are immensely popular for their highly beneficial and non-toxic effects. Ayurveda spa treatments are very different in comparison to other traditional spa treatments.

These treatments are based on the very unique approach of uniting together the body and the mind. This unity is achieved by harmonizing and balancing the three vital energies in order to initiate holistic wellness. Ayurveda spa treatments commence with the deep study of a persons physical characteristics. In this study, the factors like pulse rate, vision clarity, weight, height, etc. are taken into consideration.

In addition to these physical features, some information about the lifestyle, medical history and the eating habits of the individual is also taken down by the Ayurveda therapist. Only after conducting a thorough analysis of the information, the therapist recommends the most appropriate treatments for that individual. Ayurvedic spa in India involves both external application of herbs as well as extracts and eating herbal tonics and medicines.

Then there are body massages in which some special herbal oils are used. The therapists make use of smooth and soothing strokes that contribute to improve the overall blood circulation and to reduce stress. There are plenty of spas in India that boast of offering some of the best Ayurvedic treatments. However, not all of them make use of right herbal concoctions or have properly trained professionals. So, whenever you plan to opt for Ayurvedic spa in India, its wise to go with a renowned name. Some of the popular hotels in India (such as Leisure Hotels) extend Ayurvedic spa facility to ensure your stay at these hotels is rejuvenating and refreshing.


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