Horse Safari in the Splendid Hills of Uttaranchal

One of the advantages of booking a prestigious hotel in Uttaranchal is a splendid jungle safari or horse safari. The unparalleled beauty of the jungles and meadows and the unique ecological characteristics of the sub-Himalayan geographic belt provide a perfect backdrop for an adventurous safari. There are quite a few hotels that offer safari tours in Uttaranchal with additional facilities and an experienced guide.

Horse safaris in Uttaranchal are a wonderful experience. Those who like thrilling adventures and have a penchant for horse riding will find the safari extremely marvelous and scenic. The safari allows travelers to experience the wildlife, the lovely nature and the Indian culture. Travelers opting for a horse riding safari can access the Corbett National Park and experience local cultures along the mountain ridges. They can interact with the local community and get to know more about the rituals and traditions. The horse rides are conducted in phases, where the ride is easy in the initial phase and very adventurous in later phases.

Horse safaris in Uttaranchal ensure that travelers ride the best breed of horses, including the exotic Marwari Horse, which is the desert horse of Rajasthan. The hotel also provides an expert support team that includes a naturalist, attendant, chef and a driver. The team will assist travelers and help them in every possible way. The horse safari itinerary also consists of excellent food. These include the best continental and Indian cuisines and the savory delicacies of the Kumaon region. The hotels and resorts provide these additional services at tariffs ranging from USD 300-500 depending on the number of persons per safari.


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