Safari Tours- the Best Option to Explore the Exotic Wildlife Firsthand

Safari ToursThe best way to explore the wilderness of a jungle is to plan safari trips. This way, you experience the untouched beauty of dense jungles. If it is a visit to a wildlife reserve like the Jim Corbett Park in Uttarakhand, you will enjoy seeing the gigantic trees, gurgling icy rivers and herds of various animals prancing about in their natural surroundings. Safari tours to Corbett Park are highly recommended, as it is a majestic abode of a variety of flora and fauna spiced up with some adventure as well.

Throughout the journey, you get to relish sumptuous food and enjoy the ultramodern comforts in the lap of Mother Nature with Leisure Hotels. Wildlife photographers get the joy of their life, capturing the verdant beauty of the lush forest in their camera. One is bound to see many kinds of deer, Royal Bengal tigers, leopards, elephant herds, barking deer, sloth bear and many other animals. The early morning wildlife view and the late evening view are both exquisite.

There are various options in safari trips you can choose from like a jeep safari, elephant safari or horse safari. You can devote such tours to bird watching or go fishing. Each trip is sure to satiate the wildlife passion in the safari lovers. Escorted by trained naturalists during the safari tours, you are briefed about the ways of the wilderness and its occupants. With no automobile noise around except for the occasional sounds made by the wildlife, moving stealthily along the natural pathway in a low tuned jeep or on an elephant or horse, the safari keeps your adrenalin levels rushing.


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