Horse Safari- A Great Way to Explore the Nature

A horse safari is a wonderful way to combine the adventures of long distance horse riding with love for nature. It is altogether a different experience which allows you to swiftly explore the lush forests such as Jim Corbett National Park in India. As you move along on a horseback in the company of your loved ones and friends, the sights and sounds of nature would appear even more appealing.

The horse safari would add to the excitement of exploring the wildlife as you would be much closer yet safer and faster while traversing some of the toughest terrains of the park which are probably impossible to cross on a jeep, elephant or other safari. As you can never predict anything in the bush, the anticipation of what you may witness would surely enthrall you. These safaris are of very personal nature. For experienced riders, there is a range of options from a half day safari to multi day trips, from dawn to dusk moving through National parks as well as private areas. For less confident riders, separate short rides on quiet horses are available.

It is wise to enquire about the horse safaris beforehand while booking your tour package. There are certain good hotels that have an online presence and provide you all information about facilities regarding various sorts of safaris. They also provide you an experienced support team of naturalist, attendant and chef to aid you in your safari programme. You can select any package as per your preferences and budget limits.

If you wish something extraordinary for your vacations, then horse safaris can be an excellent option for you. This will indeed add some of the most treasured memories to your voyage.


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