Break Tranquility of Corbett National Park with serene steps

The Jim Corbett National Park, the forest of flowing rivers, saldapped glades and blue water, is the land of roar and trumpet. Christened after the renowned Jim Corbett, the mesmerizing land of wild animals is always alive with unexpected sounds & sights, surprising you at every turn. It has over 50 mammals, 110 species of trees, 580 varieties of birds, 33 species of wild cats, etc. One of the best-managed parks in India is also full of the rarest species of tiger and let you capture some rarest moments of life while enjoying Corbett Jeep Safari.

Corbett National Park also offers wild life attractions as chital, nilgai, sambar, gharial, wild boar, king cobra, hedgehog, flying fox, Indian Pangolin and a lot more beautifully dangerous creatures of nature. The Corbett National Park is a paradise for animals’ lovers. It provides a sheer delight for those willing to escape the hustle bustle life of cities and want to live life in the tranquility of nature. Though there are a range of Corbett hotels that brag of rendering cozy and cost-effective safari, Corbett-hideaway in Corbett National Park is what will make your rendezvous with nature quite thrilling and exciting at very budget friendly prices.

Corbett hideaway, enveloped with enriched reservoir of flora and fauna, is located in the arms of Mother Nature and is hidden in a thick mango orchard. It gives a unique ambience and is crossed through pebbled walkways. It is built of stone tiled floors, baked tiled roofs, woven bamboo, fire places and mat ceilings.

Standing on the bank of Kosi River, the Corbett-Hideaway in Corbett National Park is blessed with every luxury and is one of the greatest hideouts for the escapists, nature enthusiasts, writers, researchers, artists, etc.


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