About the Best Accommodation Options in Corbett National Park

A visit to the picturesque and exotic Corbett National Park of India will take a lifetime to forget. It is not only the first National Park of India, but also the most beautiful among all the wildlife and nature parks in India. Established on 08 August 1936, it is located in the foothills of the Himalayas surrounded by forested mountains and fed by the Ramganga River that was once home to an ancient civilization.

Spread over 1288 sq km, the Corbett National Park of India is a tourist destination for lovers of flora and fauna. It is here that you will see the reclusive Royal Bengal Tiger besides other mammals, such as the leopard and elephant, several kinds of deer and bear, wild boar and monkeys of assorted species. There are several types of birds as well, such as pheasants and peacocks, partridges and hornbills, orioles, kingfishers and eagles. Trees such as sal and rohini, ber and khair, kuthber and dhak adorn the forest the year round. You can also see the marsh crocodiles and the gharial, the King Cobra, common krait and the Russels Viper as well as python among reptiles.

For your stay to be comfortable, you must stay at the best accommodation in Corbett. You could stay at the luxurious air conditioned cottages of Corbett Hideaway with their sloping tiled roofs and cool stone floors and block wood furniture that creates a natural ambience. The other accommodation in Corbett that you will surely love is the Riverview Retreat, a forest lodge that is charming and innovative, yet stylish.


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