Stay at Fort Unchagaon for Comfort amidst the Lush Nature

The Fort UnchagaonOne realizes the vastness of India when he/she goes off the beaten track on occasions and discovers a veritable treasure in the form of two outstanding places with different kinds of significance. One of these is The Fort Unchagaon. This fort represents the ultimate in ancient glamour and valor from the times of ancient Indian kings and noblemen. The palace was renovated under the guidance of the Singh family of Jat zamindars and represents an early 20th century blend of colonial and Indian architecture. With its majestic décor restored, the fort is now managed and operated by Leisure Hotels.

It has all the modern amenities and guests are sure to be spellbound by the sheer beauty of the Surya Mahal and its muted opulence. The Fort Unchagaon is only 110 km from New Delhi and very close to Garhmuketeswar, a temple town on the banks of the Ganges. Visitors flock to Garhmukteswar for two main reasons, river rafting and the river dolphins that have now been placed under the WWF River Dolphin Conservation Program. The accommodation at Fort Unchagaon consists of 23 deluxe double rooms and suites each with modern furniture and a panoramic view of the city.

Lahore House, made famous by Akbar the emperor, is now a part of the Leisure Hotels that also own excellent hotels in Corbett. Lahore House provides luxurious accommodation for pilgrims visiting Haridwar. It has 19 air-conditioned luxury tents and a multi-cuisine vegetarian restaurant. Excellent arrangements have been made for yoga and meditation besides bathing in the Ganges and attending the evening aartis.


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