A Guide to Visiting Rajaji National Park

Rajaji National ParkLocated in the Northern state of Uttarkhand in India, Rajaji National Park is one of the better-known and more popular National Parks of the country. It is a favorite destination of nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts from all around the world. Rajaji National Park of India witnesses footfall in the thousands throughout the year due to the park’s natural beauty and rich collection of flora and fauna.

Rajaji National Park has been named after C. Rajgopalachari, a famous patriot and first governor general of India, who was also known as Rajaji. The Park itself started from humble beginnings as Rajaji Wildlife Sanctuary till 1983 when it was merged with Motichur and Chilla Rajaji National Park of India. Today the entire Park spreads over an area of nearly 820 sq km and remains open to the public for about 7 months starting from November till June.

If you are planning to visit the Rajaji National Park, you will be happy to discover that there are some excellent accommodation provisions to choose from. Some of these are run by the local state government while most of the others are private hotels and resorts. Most of these places provide a host of services to make your trip to this fascinating wildlife park of India even more enjoyable and memorable, such as arranging for guided tours, safaris, trekking and more. Once you check in, don’t forget to make enquiries at the Front Desk about all such available facilities.


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