For That Memorable Trip to Bareilly Stay in The Best Hotel

The Manor Bareilly Ensure your stay at the best hotel- for that memorable trip to Bareilly

Bareilly has been mentioned in the great epic, The Mahabharata, as the place of birth of Draupadi. In recent times Bareilly is known as a medium-sized city that has had old ties with business of various kinds. Today, Bareilly is one of the most important towns in the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh. The fact that it lies in the rich rice bowl of India makes Bareilly’s importance more pronounced. Bareilly continues to have importance due to travellers that visit the place on business. This is where The Manor, the prominent Bareilly hotel assumes its eminent position.

The Manor is a top class hotel in Bareilly. It is very convenient for business travellers as well as tourists on the way to Nainital and other attractions nearby. This resort has 25 of the finest guest rooms and suites. It offers all guests newly appointed and very spacious deluxe rooms as well as some fine designer suites for their indulgence.

The Manor is a Bareilly hotel of great repute. It is located right in the heart of the city and is just a stone’s throw from the railway station. It is also very close to the major markets and banks. All these advantages make this hotel in Bareilly very attractive for all those who come to the city on business. The Manor has round the clock power supply and running hot and cold water. Each room is well established with a telephone and DTH connection. The hotel also has wireless Internet, a business centre, catering and meeting facilities and plenty of space to park your cars. There is a doctor on call and the facility of laundry as well as your railway reservation. Café Royal and The Tavern will etch your memory deeply due to their excellent standards in food and beverages. Finally, the hotel has some great special offers throughout the year, except for a few specific extended weekends and you must enjoy these offers.


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