Take Elephant Safari in Corbett National Park for Best Memories

Elephant Safari in India

There are very few earthly pleasures that can compare with an elephant safari in Corbett National Park. Corbett National Park has unparalleled beauty in terms of its towering and ancient trees, flocks of beautiful birds of dozens of species, gurgling snow fed rivers with the famous Mahaseer fish and herds of chital. You can take the morning or afternoon game view drive on a 4×4 safari vehicle or on horseback or on the back of an elephant. All these safaris are easily accessible from the accommodation in Corbett National Park of the Leisure Hotels Group. These hotels are The Corbett Hideaway, The River View Retreat and The Hideaway. Besides the jeep safaris, elephant safaris and horse safaris there are special safaris for nature lovers. These are the fishing safaris and the bird safaris.

There is no experience that can come close to that of an elephant safari in Corbett National Park. It is a most memorable experience born out of a combination of the open skies, the total pervading calm of the forest, the gentle breeze wafting from among the trees and your closeness to nature as it was meant to be. The only sound that you can hear is the creaking noise from the howdah and the gentle shuffle of the elephant’s feet. The elephant safari will take you through the thick forests and deep valleys. For once at least you will be in total communion with nature even as you head back to your accommodation in Corbett National Park. Once there your weariness will slowly disappear due to the comforts of the cottage styled thatched roof tents or the air conditioned cottages and the excellent Indian and Continental cuisines that you can enjoy while in the national park. There are special offers and tariff plans at these accommodations throughout the year barring a few specific extended weekends such as Independence Day and Eid.


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