Your Most Memorable Vacation In India With Elephant Safari And Fishing Trip

Elephant Safari in IndiaIndia elephant safari is one of the best ways to enjoy the wildness in the Corbett National Park. Of course, there are other forms of safaris in the park such as Jeep safaris and horse safaris. Then there are special interest safaris too and these are the fishing tours of India and bird safaris.

The India elephant safari, organized by Leisure Hotels is a fine experience to be treasured through whole life. This form of safari is unique, majestic, quiet and totally different. The uniqueness of the safari lies in the comfortable gait of the majestic pachyderm. Soon enough you will get used to this rolling gait and begin to enjoy the beauty of the thick forests, the mystery of the deep valleys and the adventure lying in the rugged trails. You will enjoy basic accommodation on twin/triple sharing basis. The validity of the itinerary is between 30 Nov and 30 April of the subsequent year other than 24 December- 02 January. The duration of the elephant safari is 6 nights/7days.

Fishing tours of India on the other hand give you a live experience of sustainable angling as against intensive fishing so that the prized fishes such as the Mahaseer can be conserved. The best place for angling in Corbett National Park is the Hideaway River Lodge situated right next to the Ramganga River that is one of the beauties of the park.

With luck you may also catch some Golden Mahaseer or the Silver and Black Mahaseer varieties. The largest specimen of the Mahaseer was 121 lb! You will get all assistance from Leisure Hotels to make your fishing trip a success. There are different programs ranging from 2 nights/3 days to 10 nights/11 days.


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