Visit Corbett National Park for Amazing Wildlife

Corbett Riverview ResortCorbett National Park of India- Paradise for Wildlife Enthusiasts

The Corbett National Park of India was established on 08 August 1936 and initially named after the then Governor of the United Provinces as Hailey National Park. Many years and changes later in 1957 it was named after Jim Corbett, the naturalist, author and photographer. Project Tiger was launched on 01 April 1973 from Corbett National Park of India. The park is situated in the foothills of the Himalayas surrounded by forested mountains with the Ramganga River flowing through most of the park.

Within this park is the

You can go on different kinds of safari while in Corbett Wildlife Sanctuary. The options are elephant safari, jeep safari and horse safari. Specialised safaris such as birding and angling safaris escorted by trained guides and naturalists are also options you can take. Leisure Hotels group invites you to this enchanted world of natural beauty and wildlife.

There are wildlife properties where you can stay in comfort during your trip. The popular properties include The Corbett Hideaway, The RiverView Retreat and The Hideaway River Lodge. These properties organise safaris for their guests and this is a great advantage. You can avail of special offers and tariff at the resorts right through the year other than during a few selected extended weekends such as Independence Day and Eid.


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