Beautiful Hotels of Nainital

accommodation in NainitalNainital is one of the most sought after places in the hills of North India right through the year. A place always known for its many lakes, Nainital is a retreat you’ll return to each year. Your trip is made all the more enjoyable if you stay in a fine hotel in India, located in Nainital.

You have a choice in accommodation in Nainital. There are two fabulous hotels. Both are of exceptionally high standard. The Naini Retreat and The Earl’s Court are these two hotels Nainital is well known for. The Naini Retreat is popular for its stature as the residence of the Maharaja of Pilibhit. The first sight that’ll strike you is the awesome façade of the palatial building that exudes old world charm.

When you enter the resort, you’ll find the trappings that make for a fine modern hotel like tastefully decorated bedrooms and an intimate dining room overlooking the valley. There is lush landscape all around this exquisite hotel in India, in Nainital, and a huge conference hall, as well. Your stay will be multi-dimensional. You can play golf at the Raj Bhavan Golf Course and enjoy a yacht ride at what is today the highest sailing club in the world.

You can enjoy the Spa & Wellness center during the day. At this center, you have the best in Ayurvedic therapy, Aromatherapy and the traditional Western therapy, too. The spa is shared by the other exquisite accommodation in Nainital. In the evening, you can take a stroll down to the lake or enjoy a special cultural evening with performances by traditional artists from Kumaon. Relaxation never stops in Nainital hotels.


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