Trekking And Yoga Holidays In India

These are two different kinds of holidays but both of them are in their own ways very fulfilling. A trek in the Valley of Flowers is memorable for the thrill and excitement. While on your trek you will be accommodated in comfortable hotels in Valley of Flowers for rest and recuperation. For those that are spiritually inclined there are excellent courses on yoga conducted in Rishikesh India and you may like to attend one of these courses.

There are ample opportunities in India for a variety of adventure activities such as rafting and trekking besides skiing, white water rafting, abseiling, rappelling, and horse riding and taking long nature walks among others. A trek to the 4329 meter high Valley of Flowers is amazing food for the soul. During the trek that will last for 8 days and 7 nights you will stay at different hotels while on trek in the Valley of Flowers. These hotels include the Haveli Hari Ganga, the Char Dham camp and comfortable tents on route. At the Valley of Flowers you will be deeply moved by the carpets of flowers of a bewildering variety and will take back colorful memories of the trek.

If you want to take up spirituality as a lifestyle, a course on yoga in Rishikesh India is the right way of going about it. The course will be the first step on the path of spirituality, a path that will ultimately lead you to inner peace, moksha and nirvana. It is during the course that you will gain in self confidence and find ways to quiet the inner voices. You will see the beginnings of a transformation in you. This transformation will give you concentration power and wisdom.


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