Thrilling Experience of White Water Rafting Rishikesh

Experience an amazing adventure of Rishikesh river rafting and camp life with beautiful camp resorts. They provide an outdoor experience amongst thick green forests, mountains and rivers, these tents provide all the basic amenities like hot water, room heating, attached baths, doctor on call, housekeeping etc to ensure you have a comfortable stay. The secluded camps provide a peaceful and pollution free atmosphere with a variety of fun sports and activities. Staying at the camp when planning white water rafting Rishikesh is a good idea since they are not only well connected by they can make all the arrangements like coordinating rafting classes with professionals, scheduling trips, booking rafting trips, arranging groups etc. They offer special packages that include various camp and adventure activities.

Go through the websites of different Rishikesh river rafting camps and resorts websites to choose one with best location, facilities, services and variety of activities. You can either opt for adventure sports like mountain climbing, rappelling, slithering, kayaking, abseiling, bungee jumping etc, or participate in recreational activities like nature walks, hiking, day or night trekking, fishing, moonlight walks, bird watching, beach games, board games, reading, yoga and meditation etc. After you have enjoyed the white water rafting in Rishikesh, the evenings at the camps can be quite entertaining with bonfires, music, dancing, group interactions and games etc. All meals are prepared by experienced and skilled chefs that ensure the food is healthy and fresh; you can enjoy mouth watering multi cuisine dishes like Indian, Chinese and Continental.


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