Beach Camp Rishikesh for Thrill Seekers

rishikesh hotelsThe serene mountains and rivers of Rishikesh draw tourists of different ages and interests to visit and experience its beauty. It attracts a large number of adventure seekers to a variety of exciting sports and activities, to enhance your travel you can book your accommodations at the beach camp Rishikesh. They provide luxury tents that are equipped with attached baths, hot and cold water, room heating and all necessary amenities.

There are a number of ashrams for pilgrims, who come to Rishikesh to visit the suspended Laxman Jhoola and Ram Jhoola, sacred temples and the holy river Ganga. Depending on your interests you can either visit the yoga and meditation centers for rejuvenating your mind and soul, or try your hands at amazing river rafting in Rishikesh.

The beautiful clear sky and the flowing water create a stunning atmosphere that is ideal for moonlight beach walks with your loved ones. After a fun filled day of excitement you can enjoy your evenings by the bonfire arranged by the beach camp Rishikesh. Have some fun with music, board games, and group activities with your family and friends. You can also simply lazy around at the hammock, read books by the river or ask your camp staff to make arrangements for sightseeing, attend yoga and meditation classes etc.

The fast flowing rivers of Rishikesh are perfect for water sports like body surfing, kayaking, fishing along with white water river rafting in Rishikesh. So pack your bags and go on an adventure with thrilling sports, fun activities, beautiful sceneries and an opportunity to stay in camps surrounded by nature.


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