Spend Amazing Vacation in Corbett Wildlife Sanctuary

Corbett National Park

There are two different kinds of vacation you can enjoy in India among several other varied vacations. The first of these is a stay in Jim Corbett National Park, India where you can see one of the most beautiful and exquisite wildlife and nature parks. It is at this park from where the world famous Project Tiger was launched on 01 April 1973.

Situated in the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, most of the parts of Jim Corbett National Park, India are touched by the Ramganga River. The reserve forest covers around 470 square km and is home to flora and fauna of a great diversity. It is here you will see the magnificent but very elusive tiger apart from several other carnivores such as the leopard and other smaller cats. Other mammals you may see include the elephant, deer of different species, bear, the nilgai, wild boar and various species of monkeys.

Moreoever, there are hundreds of birds’ species, both resident and migratory such as ducks and teals, storks and falcons. The river and its banks are home to the Indian marsh crocodiles, mugger and gharial while other reptiles that abound include cobras and the King Cobra, kraits, Russel’s viper, pythons and monitor lizards. You can enjoy the beautiful park by going on a safari such as on elephants or in 4×4 vehicles or even the horse safari.


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