Enjoy Beauty of Nature Through Valley of Flowers in India

Valley of Flowers TrekFound way back in 1931 by an English mountaineer, the Valley of Flowers India is situated high in the Himalayas of Uttaranchal. Protected by snowy mountains, the fairy-land, for centuries, has been unknown and out of the reach of humans. The valley remains frozen during the cold weather, and becomes young in every year. There is a large variety of flowers available in different shades and colors. The valley has around 500 species of flowers such as Cobra Lily, the elusive Brahma Kamal (lotus), the Himalayan Blue Poppy, and the Himalayan Edelweiss among many others. The whole area is well-known for nature lovers and is a perfect destination for those who love trekking.

For those who want to enjoy nature in its beautiful form and for those who love adventure like trekking, there are valley of flowers hotels where the travellers, tourists and visitors can enjoy a comfortable and affordable stay. The available hotels in this area are well-furnished and well-equipped. In terms of facilities, there are multi-channel satellite television, air conditioned rooms, laundry, wireless internet etc.

On the other hand, these hotels provide warm hospitality, luxury and scenic beauty at very cost-effective prices. A trip to this valley, either with the intention of trekking or enjoying flowers, is always wonderful and memorable. So, if you are looking for beauty in the mountain with beautiful variety of flowers, the Valley of Flowers is the perfect place to go for. Just open the internet, find out a website that will allow you to book your hotel in a very hassle-free manner.


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