The Lighthouse Aquada—An Ideal Guesthouse to Stay in Goa

goa accommodation

Goa is a must visit place for the fun-loving people. It is surrounded by fun activities and beautiful beaches. A large strength of visitors, from all around the globe, of different age groups, continue to visit this place all around the year to do something exciting. There are beaches to relax, shore to walk, water sports to enjoy, amazing and illuminated shopping stores to shop, fresh sea food to eat, mouth watering local cuisine and many more. However, in order to make your so exciting and fun-loving, you need to stay in a good guesthouse in Goa. This guesthouse not only should be well connected to the beaches and the town, but also consists of all the required amenities and facilities such as room heating and cooling, cold water and running hot, room services, attached bath, medical assistance and more.

The Lighthouse Aquada—A Perfect Guesthouse to stay comfortably in Goa

While there is a wide chain of hotels, motels, resorts and guesthouse in Goa, The Lighthouse Aquada is one such property that is luxurious and comfortable enough to provide you with an amazing experience of staying. Some of the major amenities of The Lighthouse Aquada include Satellite TV in The Living Area on the ground floor, Iron with Ironing board, TV with DVD player, Washing machine, Microwave oven, Cooking Range, Food processor, Tea/Coffee maker, Electric kettle, Dish washer, Toaster, Geysers Fridge and more. In addition, all the rooms in this accommodation are well-furnished and well-furnished. On the whole, The Lighthouse Aquada symbolizes the mystique of Goa through all its bewildering natural beauty, charm and culture.


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