Ramgarh or The Fruit Bowl of Kumaon

Ramgarh India

Humans might be the most evolved species of animals in the whole world but we cannot supersede nature. We might have succeeded in domesticating some of the wildest of animals in the world but when it comes to mother nature well! We are still too naive in front of her vagaries. But nature has been kind to us. It has gifted us with some of the most breathtakingly beautiful places that we can only gape at every time we visit such places. One such place is the hill station of Ramgarh that is located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand, India.

Ramgarh in India is the place that every tourist must plan to visit in his life time. It not only has some of the most mesmerizing of locales but also has a religious aspect attached to it. This place not only boasts of unparalleled natural beauty but also some of the most cogent places to stay. Ramgarh lodge and hotels are well famous for the hospitality that they have to offer. The people of the place are compassionate and caring. True to the overall tenor of the place Ramgarh lodges are well known for their architecture and the warmth with which they treat the people who come to stay there.

It can be verily said that the visit to the country of India would be incomplete without a visit to Ramgarh in India. Some of the other attractions of the place are the beautiful orchards of Apricots, Peach, Pears and Apples. It is because of these verdant orchards that the place is also known as the “ Fruit Bowl of Kumaon.”


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