The Colourful State of Goa in Perspective

Goa is one of the most important tourist destinations in India. A state that is steeped in history, what with 450 years of the Portuguese rule! The state has some of the most astonishing of architectures that is different than the other architectural marvels of the nation. Goa presents a different picture to the tourists in comparison to the other parts of the country of India. One of the best things that needs to be said about Goa is that it is a true reflection of “unity in diversity” ethos of this nation. There are many different cultures living in harmony in the state.

goa accom

 Goa, it can be said has everything that nature can bestow on a place. It has a wonderful coastline with rich flora  and fauna. In fact it is compared with the Amazon and Congo basin for its rich tropical biodiversity. The state is a  haven for many adventure sports enthusiasts who throng the place looking for that adrenaline rush.

Apart from the natural beauty Goa is also known for the congenial and the compassionate behaviour of the locales of the place. The people here are warm and very good in nature. They always treat the tourists from abroad as well as from the other parts of the country as their own brethren.

The hospitality sector of the state is well developed and the availability of staying places like the service apartments in Goa makes the staying of the tourist all the more easy and comfortable. The one thing that needs a mention here is that the government of the state is well aware of the status of Goa as the major tourist attractions of the country. Therefore it leaves no stone unturned to keep that flow of the tourists continue. There are many cultural programs that are organized in the state to make the stay of the tourists more lively as well as more enjoyable. The government also makes sure that the demand for b&b in Goa is met admirably.

Almost everything that a tourist desires from a destination he plans to visit is met by the state of Goa. Right from the places to see, to the places to stay, are exemplary in Goa. The people of the state as well as the government have made sure that Goa remains one of the best tourist destinations in the country, and in many regards in the world.


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