The Jim Corbett National Park is The Place To Visit

There are places on this beautiful planet earth that invoke a feeling of awe and admiration. The Jim Corbett National park is one such place in India that incites a feeling of longing and respect in the hearts of the visiting tourist. The national park was declared as the reserve forest in the year 1879. It is home to some of the most beautiful flora and fauna in the world. The people who live here are warm and care a lot for the people who come visiting the place.

Apart from the beautiful landscape that the place has, it is also well known for the hospitality offered to the tourists. Some of the hotels in Corbett are well known across the globe. The hotels like The Corbett Hideaway, The River View Treat, and the Aranya Safari Resort are well known to the nature enthusiasts all across the globe. The resorts in Corbett offer complete packages that the people visiting the place can avail.

Corbett Resort

The resort is home to the animals like Tiger, Elephant, Leopard, Spotted Dear, Hog Dear, Sambhar, Nilgain etc. The place was home to an ancient civilization the proof of which have been found recently. Thus the visit to the Corbett National Park is a complete affair as it has everything mesmerizing to offer to the visitors. The booking is also very easy and can be done online. The local customs as well as traditions are rich in tenor and admired by the people who visit the place. Thus all in all it can be said that the Corbett National Park should be on the itinerary of every visitor who comes to India or is already living in the country.


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