The Camp 5 Elements For Your Stay For Meditation And Adventure Sports

Rishikesh is a great centre for pilgrimage in India. It was made popular by Beatles who stayed for three months in one of Rishikesh’s ashrams. Today Rishikesh is famous all over the world for its numerous yoga centres and diverse spiritual missions. However, Rishikesh is also well known for its importance as a place for adventure activities. On account of its rapids there are several white water sports that have evolved here such as rafting and kayaking among other adventure sports. The less adventurous can always go trekking or hiking or simply enjoy the scenic beauty of the surrounding areas. For young and old, the adventurous and those that just wish to smell the air, Camp 5 Elements provides a fine place to stay while in Rishikesh.

Rishikesh Accommodation

When you stay at The Camp 5 Elements you have the option of either delving deeper into meditation in the tranquil surroundings or simply listening to the gurgling waters of the majestic Ganges. You can also undertake the thrilling journey to explore the hidden beauties of the Himalayas. Some of these include a visit to the stalactite and stalagmite caves or a visit to the holy town of Devprayag. Camp 5 Elements is also geared to take you for river rafting in The Ganges, rock climbing & rappelling and abseiling or kayaking in the white water rapids.

The Camp 5 Elements offer deluxe tents each of which has an attached bath with running hot and cold showers. The toilets are attached and these conform to the Reserve Forest camping regulations and are of the dry-pit kind with western style commode over the pit. Finally, the food provided will satisfy the gourmet and cuisines available include Indian, Chinese and Continental.


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