Enjoy a Fine Holiday in Rishikesh

Rishikesh beckons different kinds of visitors. There are the pilgrims for whom Rishikesh gives ready access to Badrinath and from there to other places of pilgrimage. There are the seekers of adventure and for them Rishikesh offers excellent opportunities in adventure sports and these include river rafting down the Ganges as well as rock climbing and rappelling besides abseiling and kayaking. There are huge opportunities for trekking, seeing wild life and places of tourist interest as well. For all these reasons and of course the reason to simply relax and put one’s feet up one needs a good Rishikesh hotel, one that will help enjoy a fine holiday in Rishikesh. There are several Rishikesh hotels where one may find the conditions perfect for all seasons.

Rishikesh Accommodation

The Camp 5 Elements is a unique hotel. This is one Rishikesh hotel which lets you live in harmony with nature. You stay in one of the 31 deluxe tents right next to the river. These tents are truly deluxe. They have attached bath with facilities of running hot and cold water. The size of the living area is adequate to be comfortable with a twin bed inside. The area for one’s bath is also adequate while the toilet conforms to the standard required by Reserved Forest camping regulations. The tents are weather proof. They are also well ventilated and have roll up windows.

The Camp 5 Elements is one of those rare Rishikesh hotels that serve excellent cuisine. You can take your pick from among Indian, Chinese and Continental food. If you wish to enjoy barbecues or tandoori you are invited to sit by the river around the bonfire with music playing in the background while you taste the delicacies prepared by the chef.


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