Enjoy a Fabulous Holiday in Corbett Resort

A fabulous holiday in Corbett can be had quite easily with a little planning. The Corbett National Park is well known for its great collection of wildlife. There are the carnivores such as the tiger and the lesser cats such as the leopards and civet cats among others. There are herbivores too big and small such as the elephants and porcupines besides at least four different species of deer.

Corbett Resort

There are hundreds of species of birds, both resident and migratory as well as reptiles that include the Indian crocodiles, the mugger and the gharial and snakes such as The King Cobra and the viper. The landscape is great to see as well and to be able to see all this you will need to go on a safari, on the 4×4, the horse or the elephant. Your fine holiday is yours when you stay in the right kind of hotel in Corbett.

There are several good Corbett hotels such as the Corbett Hideaway, the River View Retreat and the Hideaway River Lodge besides the Aranya Safari Resort. You can rely on any one of these for a grand stay, great meals and fine standards of hospitality.

All these Corbett hotels belong to the Leisure Hotels group well known for their high standards of care of guests. Each hotel in Corbett will be able to arrange so that you get to see wildlife. Besides the normal safaris mentioned the resort will also arrange for those that are interested, special interest birding or angling safaris where you will be escorted by trained guides and naturalists that can read jungle signs and probably can smell them from far as well!


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