Enjoy The Beauty And Adventure Sports of Rishikesh

If you are a religious person Rishikesh with ready access to all the important places of pilgrimage will surely appeal to you. If one loves nature Rishikesh will appeal since it is right next to the Garhwal Himalayas and the mighty Ganges. For young and energetic people Rishikesh has a different meaning since one can have active sports activities that include river rafting, kayaking and abseiling among many others. One can go trekking into the mountains too and of course nature walks along the river are a real treat and if one is lucky one can get to see wildlife as well. When you stay in the excellent environmentally friendly Rishikesh resort you will be able to enjoy the various aspects this beautiful place offers.

The Camp Five Elements represents the ultimate hotel in Rishikesh. This fine resort creates the right attitude for adventure and excitement as well as peace and tranquility depending upon one’s bent of mind. This Eco-friendly Rishikesh resort is located on the banks of the Ganges. 31 deluxe tents have been pitched on these banks with a huge space created with the help of a parachute serving as the restaurant. The tents are weather proof and are well ventilated with the facility of roll up windows. Each of these tents has a toilet and bath with running hot and cold water. The toilets are all western style commodes created over pits as prescribed by forest regulations.

The environmentally conscious Rishikesh resort offers ultimate choices in terms of the best in Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisines. In the evenings one can enjoy food from the barbecue as one sits in the group by the side of the river around a welcome bonfire as one listens to fine musical strains.


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