Enjoy The Comfort of Excellent Resorts in Nainital

Nainital is as its name suggests a tranquil place dotted with lakes of great beauty. Founded in 1841 by a European merchant P Barron, Nainital has today become a haven for all that wish to take some rest in the lap of natural beauty. There are some of the finest resorts in Nainital. Among these there is a resort that was once the residence of the Maharajah of Pilibhit, Naini Retreat.


The Naini Retreat is one of the most beautiful among the heritage hotels in Nainital. It is a palatial building that exudes old world charm while offering every kind of luxury known to modern man. It has bedrooms that are tastefully furnished and an intimate garden that overlooks the valley. You will be lost in your dreams while admiring its lush landscapes. There is a huge conference hall and a panoramic view of the Himalayas all combining to give you what will be a fascinating experience.

The Naini Retreat is one of the most impressive resorts in Nainital. It offers its guests its newly appointed rooms that are spacious besides designer suites that beckon you to indulge in an unforgettable experience. The combined effects of the ambience, excellent selection of furnishings and a personalized service is a treat that will be most memorable.

All guest rooms have inspiring views that either overlook the garden or the breathtaking valley. These rooms at the Naini Retreat are centrally heated, have wooden flooring and are equipped with LCD satellite TV among other amenities. A stay at this fine resort will be remembered on account of its hospitality and exciting dining options. Finally, between 1st of October and 15th of April 2014 there are special offers that one must avail to complete the picture of a perfect holiday.


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