Go For a Safari in Corbett to Enjoy Exploring Wildlife

Only by opting for a safari in Corbett, one can enjoy the true beauty of the wildlife park located in Uttarakhand in India. At the wildlife park in Corbett territory, one can admire the richness and diversity of its flora. It is here only that you will get to see the shy & nocturnal tiger, besides other wild cats such as leopards.

Elephant Safari

When you take a safari in Corbett, you will also get the chance to see the birds. There are hundreds of species of birds inside the park, some of them being residents while others being migratory. Here, there are reptiles too such as the Indian crocodiles mugger and gharial, besides dangerous snakes like King Cobra, pythons etc.

There are hotel groups like Leisure Hotels that can arrange for the safari of your choice while you stay at The Corbett Hideaway, the River View Retreat or the Hideaway River Lodge. At the Corbett safari, you will be escorted by trained guides and naturalists. Your options of safari may be the jeep safari, the Corbett elephant safari, bird safari or one of the fishing safaris. There is the horse safari too for those who are good at horse riding.

The Corbett elephant safari is one of the most enjoyable ways of enjoying the rich beauty of the forest at Corbett. There is definitely something magical and special about an elephant ride that will take you to the dense reaches within the forest. Since you are sitting on the mounted perch of the howdah, you will enjoy the feeling of absolute security from that height.


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