Explore the Beautiful Wildlife & Vegetation in Corbett Park

The Corbett National Park of India is surely among the best wildlife sanctuaries in the country. At this prestigious national park, one is bound to be enthralled by nature’s bounties in the form of diverse terrain, bewilderingly different types of wildlife and excellent species of trees and other plant life. The Corbett Park is made all the more beautiful by the Ramganga River that runs west by south west cutting the park in different segments.

corbett national park3

You will therefore experience beautiful ridges and ravines, streams and islands, Sheesham trees and sal trees as well as pastures covered with tall grasses here. In this exquisite area, there are dozens of different species of mammals, both carnivores & herbivores. There are hundreds of species of birds, both residents and migratory. You can also spot the Indian mugger and gharial in the river. There are other reptiles too such as the King Cobra, Russell’s viper, pythons and kraits.

Besides the recluse and nocturnal tiger, there are other animals inside the park too that are distinctive and very attractive to view such as leopards and other cats, bears, boars and several forms of deer. The best method of enjoying the beauty of Corbett Park is of course by availing a safari. There are different kinds of safari available at the park and these include elephant safari and horse safari.

For bird watchers and avid anglers, there are special arrangements made available at the park. You can enjoy the park and its treasures best when you stay in one of the finest hotels near the park such as Corbett Hideaway, the River View Retreat, Aranya Safari Resort or The Hideaway River Lodge.


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