The Beach Camp in Rishikesh Perfect For a Great Holiday

There are several attractions that will take you to Rishikesh with its strong religious connections such as the confluence of the mighty Bhagirathi and Alakananda to form the river Ganges. But, today for the new breed of youth including the Corporate Sector that is hungry for Adventure Activities, the beach camp at Rishikesh represents a different form of entertainment. This is to take on the challenge of the turbulent rivers.

Rishikesh Beach

This new form of Rishikesh hotel enables its guests to challenge India’s mighty rivers as they race along tortuous bends, fed by innumerable icy streams while shaping deep gorges and breaking into rapids. It is these rapids that are challenged by those that dare, while river rafting in The Ganges. The residents of this unique beach camp at Rishikesh also participate in rock climbing and rappelling besides abseiling and kayaking, all within the area discussed.

Today’s modern Rishikesh hotel is no longer made of concrete. It is in the form of Cottage Camps at The Camp 5 Elements. This is the eco-friendly living that is prescribed for such areas that are sensitive to the forces of nature. However, these camps ensure that optimum comfort is provided to the adventure sportspersons. The beach camp provides excellent luxury cottage tents that are weather proof. Maximum comfort is provided in these tents that are thatched roofed.

There are bath and toilet attached to these tents and both hot and cold water provided. Two kinds of units are available and these are the premium Swiss cottage tents and the eco-friendly units that cause minimum negative impact on the surroundings. Depending upon choice, Indian vegetarian cuisine or Continental, Chinese and regional cuisines are provided to suit all palates.


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