Corbett Hotels For a Grand Vacation

The Corbett National Park is an impressive eco-system. Its reserve forest covers an area of almost 470 sq. km while its altitude is between 400 and 1200m. The park is impressive in terms of both flora and fauna. While its main flora comprises of beautiful trees that include the majestic sal and khair besides pula and kharpat the main fauna consists of mammals, birds and reptiles. There are carnivores such as tigers and leopards and herbivores that include elephants, deer, wild boar and monkeys. There are hundreds of species of birds as well as reptiles that include crocodiles, snakes and pythons as well as monitor lizards. The best way to see the eco-system is to go on a safari while staying in one of the several fine Corbett hotels that would give you the comfort and rich experience of a grand vacation.

Corbett River View Retreat

There are four excellent Corbett hotels one can stay in. These are Corbett Hideaway well known for its space and luxury, the River View Retreat, Aranya Safari Resort and the Hideaway River Lodge. It is only when you stay in a good hotel in Corbett like one of these four that you can truly enjoy your grand vacation especially since you can enjoy a special offer at these hotels.

A stay at a good hotel in Corbett enables you to enjoy the beauty of Corbett Park because these fine hotels support the infrastructure the focus of which is entirely directed towards seeing as much of the park as is possible with the help of a safari. This can be the 4×4 vehicle safari, the elephant safari or the horse back safari. For those that love to angle and for avid bird watchers there are appropriate birding and fishing safari too.


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