Enjoy a Stay At Goa Holiday Home at Special Rates

This is the right time of the year to spend a few days in Goa. When you stay at one of the premier holiday homes in Goa such as Light House Aguada, you will find that you are not only well looked after but your Goa vacation will be that much more enjoyable as well.

Typically, Goa holiday homes such as Light House Aguada give their guests excellent accommodation and great cuisine. In order to make the stay at the Light House Aguada more attractive your stay has just become less expensive. You and your family can enjoy a fine stay at the holiday home at Special Rates.

The Light House Aguada

Visitors to Goa come with different intentions. Some come to see the beautiful churches and temples while others visit so that they can enjoy the numerous beaches and the different water sports such as para-sailing, water jet skiing and speed boating besides wind surfing. There are those who enjoy fishing and others that love to go on a Dolphin cruise. It is possible for the visitor who stays in Light House Aguada, one of the best holiday homes in Goa, to enjoy the visit exactly the way he likes to.

The Light House Aguada is one of those rare Goa holiday homes that is not only close to the airport but also commands a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea besides making secluded sandy beaches available to the guests. There are four beautiful bedrooms in the plush villa with a private lounge on the first floor. There is also a common sitting room on the ground floor with adequate dining space and an excellent kitchenette. Private parking and a swimming pool make the holiday home the most attractive proposition for a holiday.


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