Enjoy The Real Magic of Corbett in a Fine River Resort

One of the finest ways of enjoying the magic of Corbett Wildlife Sanctuary is to stay in a fine river resort such as the Riverview Retreat. This is a forest lodge in Corbett country, both innovative in design ideas as well as stylish. It gives the visitor total freedom to relax and enjoy the sheer beauty of nature.

The Riverview Retreat is a Corbett river resort that boasts of independently air-conditioned cottages, each with a drawing room and a small kitchenette. The total impact of the sloping tiled roofs, cool stone floors and throw rugs in these cottages is to draw the visitors into a complete environmentally friendly surrounding.

Corbett river resort

Corbett river resort

Riverview Retreat has exclusive villas such as Leopard Lodges with 2 bedrooms and Tiger Lodges that have three bedrooms. One can also opt for the Tusker Lodge that has 4 bedrooms. These options give one to book accommodation depending upon the size of their group or family. Besides this, there are independent deluxe rooms as well as duplex rooms for individual guests.

Dining at this fine Corbett river resort is fit for a gourmet. There is a multi-cuisine restaurant called the Gurney House where one can enjoy Mughlai, Indian, Chinese as well as Continental cuisine. There is an excellent and well-stocked bar inside to quench your thirst. After a relaxing swim at the pool you can step into Jim’s Grill, a specialty grill house that is right next to the pool and try out the Chef’s delicacies. Definitely, you will have a memorable time while staying at this excellent resort.


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