Enjoy the Beauty of Corbett Park by Staying in a Marvelous Corbett Hotel

Staying in the right hotel in Corbett is perhaps the most important requirement to ensure that you enjoy the beauty of Corbett National Park with ease. Such a hotel will firstly offer high standards in hospitality in the form of comfy accommodation and delicious food. Secondly, for one to enjoy seeing wildlife in Corbett Park, one needs to go on a safari. There are different forms of safari such as the elephant safari, the 4×4 safari and the horse safari that are available here.

corbett hotels

For avid bird watchers, there is a special safari while for anglers there is an arrangement for angling safari as well. The right type of hotel in Corbett has all the necessary resources at its disposal to ensure that all important aspects ensuring your comfortable stay are looked after well. After enjoying the delighting natural beauty of Corbett Park and the wildlife within, relaxing at such a comfy hotel is quite a necessity.

There are three fine Corbett hotels. These are The Corbett Hideaway, The Riverview Retreat and The Hideaway River Lodge. All of these are very well maintained and provide excellent air-conditioned accommodation and all modern amenities. Care has been taken to ensure that the environment inside these hotels is in sync with the wilderness all around. At The Corbett Hideaway, you can have good time in excellent restaurants and bars such as Gurney House, The High Bank, Jim’s Grill and The Tusker Bar, besides the Cigar Lounge. Similarly at The Riverview Retreat, you can explore restaurants like Gurney House and Jim’s Grill.


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