Enjoy Wildlife And Nature’s Beauty in Corbett National Park

The Corbett National Park till 1820 was the private property of local rulers till the British Raj took over the property. It was only in 1879 that the forests around the park were declared reserved and thereafter declared a National Park in 1934. However, it was not till 1957 following the death of Jim Corbett, the hunter turned conservationist, that the park was named Jim Corbett National Park. The park is India’s first national park and also one of the most beautiful of all similar parks in India.

Today the Corbett National Park covers a total area of around 1300 sq. km of which about 520 sq. km is the inner area of the park. The reserve forest forms an area of around 466 sq.km in which one will find some of the most beautiful trees that are generally indigenous to India such as the sal and kuthber, rohini and pula besides the bamboo and bel. In the forested area there are ridges and ravines as well as islands formed by the meandering river Ramganga.

Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is well known for its shy tigers but there are other predators as well such as the leopards and civet cats besides jungle cats and fishing cats. Other mammals inside the park include the majestic elephant, various species of deer and antelope such as the sambar and nilgai as well as sloth bear, wild boar and different kinds of monkeys. There are hundreds of species of birds and reptiles too such as crocodiles, pythons and poisonous snakes that include the King Cobra. There are excellent resorts one can stay in near the park such as the Corbett Hideaway. These resorts are ideal for visitors to the park since they make the task of seeing wildlife simple besides being well known for their high standards of hospitality.


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