Explore The Beauty of Corbett National Park With Your Family & Friends

Are you one of those who simply love the wildlife and can spend hours and days looking at the gorgeous & exotic flora and fauna present on earth ? If you live in India or are planning your next trip to India soon, then Corbett National Park is the ideal place where you can have a good time exploring the best of flora and some of the rarest & least seen reptiles, birds and animals. You would love to capture the breathtaking views of animals and birds in your camera and would surely love the memories every time you look back at the captured images.

Corbett National Park

While your trip to the Corbett Park is going to be one of the most adventuresome and memorable trips of your life, you would need a perfect accommodation option to make your trip both comfortable & safe. There are many resorts in Corbett area but only a few offer a perfect combination of modern amenities and closeness to the nature like that offered by The Corbett Hideaway and The Riverview Retreat hotels.

These resorts in Corbett have been designed in a way that you would feel as if you are always in the park and watching the beautiful flora and fauna around. The sounds of exotic birds and animals in the mornings and evenings will refresh your mood and make you feel happier and livelier for sure. During your stay at any of these Corbett national park hotels, you would also get to enjoy true and authentic Indian as well as continental foods.


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