Ramgarh India- your next Holiday Destination

Ramgarh in India is one of the most favorite tourist destinations among those looking for peace and relaxation away from the noisy city life. Also called the fruit bowl of Kumaon region, Ramgarh could be the right choice for you and your family members if city life has made you feel dull and tired.

Ramgarh lodge

This wonderful place has the ability to turn the most restless of mind in to the most calm and relaxed one. The environment of Ramgarh is absolutely cool, soothing and rejuvenating. The sights and scenery would attract the little ones in your family and will make the elderly feel better and relaxed while you would enjoy the comfort that this awesome environment has to offer you.

When you are in Ramgarh, the best place you can stay at is the Himalayan View Retreat hotel. This Ramgarh lodge is perfectly set in the lush green and scenic area of the hills. You will have the best time of your life staying at this amazing Ramgarh lodge that brings to you all the modern amenities right in the beautiful and comforting lap of mother nature.

The idyllic charm of this lodge will take you in to another world of peace and enjoyment. It is one of the best hotels that you can find in Ramgarh. This lodge offers spacious rooms with attached toilet and bathrooms, besides various other facilities like a restaurant that offers a beautiful view of the valley and great food that you would love for sure.


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