Naini Retreat – The Best Hotel in Nainital Ensuring a Comfy Stay

Nainital, which is also known as the lake district, was named after the temple of goddess Naini Devi. The temple, located on the upper edge of the lake, was destroyed in the 1880 due to landslip.

Nainital is one of the most popular and sought after tourist destinations amongst the tourists visiting Uttarakhand state of India. People come to Uttarakhand for recreation, fun, and religious reasons. The place is beautiful and you can enjoy watching some of the most beautiful scenery with the breathtaking Himalayas behind.

The Naini Retreat

If you are planning a holiday this year with your family & friends to Nainital, then you must ensure you stay at a comfortable hotel in Nainital, that is The Naini Retreat. As one of the best hotels in Nainital, The Naini Retreat ensures that your stay is most comfortable and enjoyable there. The several amenities offered by this hotel in Nainital include:

  • Newly appointed spacious deluxe rooms
  • Designer suites with exquisite furnishings
  • Enchanting ambiance
  • Personalized services
  • Tastefully done bedrooms
  • A welcoming dining room
  • Large conference hall
  • Beautiful view of the great Himalayas

The Naini Retreat is one of the best hotels in Nainital due to many reasons. It is situated on the picturesque Ayarpatta Slopes. Your stay there would be both comfortable and enjoyable for sure. All amenities available at this hotel are modern and interior is just amazing to delight anyone. Once the trip is over, you will have the nice memories of beautiful Nainital and the comfy moments you spent in The Naini Retreat.


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