Savour the Majesty of Nature With a Stay at Ramgarh Hotel

A visit to the Ramgarh located in the lap of the Himalayas is like coming back home. To what ever distance the man might go away from nature in his pursuit of a civilized and modern life, just one visit to a place that is as naturally gifted as Ramgarh can make him realize his follies. He would soon become enamored with the comfort and serenity that nature offers and would long to stay there till time immemorial. The place of Ramgarh offers a similar ambience to the visitors. The availability of some of the most well equipped Ramgarh hotels makes the visit to the place all the more worthy and useful.

Ramgarh hotels

One hotel that has carved a special name for itself in the place is the Himalayan View Retreat. The hotel offers stately accommodation with four well furnished rooms and suites that offer a panoramic view of the majestic Himalayas. All the rooms are spacious with plenty of sunlight. The rooms have attached toilet and bath and have running hot and cold water. If you are a lover of nature and wish to spend some quality time in the mountains then Ramgarh is the place for you and this hotel is the best choice available for your stay.

The serene beauty of the nature in its pristine form cannot be found anywhere else. And Himalayan View Retreat would only make your stay here all the more joyous and blissful. The hotel authorities here too are only too willing to serve you and make your stay peaceful and more enjoyable.


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