Enjoy Your Stay at Rajaji National Park to The Maximum

Seldom would you find a place that is blessed by nature and that can pass on that serenity and benediction to the people who come visiting that place. The Rajaji National Park is one such place that can be said to have been carefully nurtured by nature and thus is a reflection of what nature in its pristine form would look like. A visit to the place would definitely enrich you and help you reconnect with nature and rejuvenate a bond that has been ruptured by the modern day lifestyle.

Rajaji National ParkSpread over 13 acres of wilderness surrounded by the best that nature has to offer the wildlife camp promises to bring out the nature lover in you, be it as a photographer, birdwatcher or as a wildlife enthusiast. This camp amidst a lush green forest is in close proximity to sparkling river lets and other water bodies. Animals such as tigers, leopards, bears, deer and chattering monkeys all share the forests surrounding the camp. While staying at the Camp-site there are chances of catching a glimpse of these animals in their natural habitat.

Leisure Group which is one of the premier hospitality groups in the country offers a well defined stay in the park through Forrest which is a premier resort in the region. Forrest has twenty well appointed superior cottage tents set in the background of rustic environs providing opulent and intimate memorable experiences. As a part of green endeavor, the materials used in the cottages are also eco-friendly. The use of materials, all complement the serenity of the surroundings. The cottages provide simple pleasure in life –emanating a healthy comfortable stay. The stay at this lodge in the Rajaji National Park would definitely get embossed in your heart and mind for the rest of your life.


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