A Visit to Himalayas is Incomplete Without Visiting Ramgarh

How wonderful it would be if we can understand that the stress and strain that we feel in our everyday life can be easily shaken off by a mere visit to the place that is rich in scenic beauty as well as has a serene constitution. A visit to such a place would have a calming affect on our senses and would also make us more emboldened to face life with all its challenges. One such place is the Ramgarh, better known as the fruit-bowl of Kumaon.

The place is located in the lower Kumaon hills that lie in the north eastern parts of the the Uttarakhand state of India. To be more precise it lies in the western central Himalayan region. The beauty of the hills is such that it can be verily said that they can bring out the poet from inside of you or make you a recluse if you are an extrovert. It is really important to note here that some of the most prominent writers have spend some great moments of creativity here at this place.

Himalayan View Retreat

Ramgarh India is one place that is the most enchanting and endearing of all the hill stations in India. The best thing is that the hospitality industry of the region is very active and has made sure that the people who come here spend some of the finest moments of their lives at this place. The Himalayan view retreat is one such hotel in the region. This plush resort is the property of the Leisure group of hotels, which is a leading hospitality group in the nation. The hotel makes sure that the people who visit the region get to enjoy the most important moments of their lives at the place.


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