Bird Watching is not Just Fun But Therapeutic as Well

While being active in our daily lives we miss out on so many things that otherwise have the potential to transform our lives for all times to come. We are so busy in making ends meet and are continuously faced with the different and unending challenges of life that we are seldom able to take out time to do some simple activities or just observe things taking place around us. For instance sitting in a garden, by most of us, would be characterized as a fun filled activity. We would be interacting with the other people and would also spend some leisure time. But what if we start observing the flora and the fauna around us in a garden. For instance the different species of birds that come visiting our local park can be a lot of fun and in fact a meditation in itself. The very sounds made by the birds, their chirping and other noises can really have a therapeutic effect on our senses. Egged on by this just imagine how wonderful it can be if we can find out time and go to the natural habitats of these birds where they have been living since time immemorial.

Bird watching is one exercise that is not just fun and frolic but also very meaningful and useful. Listening to the various different sounds produced by the plethora of birds present at one location can have a real uplifting effect on our senses. Bird watching in India is one of the fastest rising recreational activities. Places such as the Corbett National Parks and the other Himalayan regions that are home to more than 600 species of birds are very fast becoming the hottest destinations of the tourists. Bird lovers from all across the globe come visiting the place just to have a glimpse of some of the most exotic birds living here and to listen to the sweet noises made by them.

Because of the unique location of the Corbett National Park, the bird population is pretty high in the area all throughout the year. The winter visitors, summer visitors, altitudinal migrants, passage migrants and local migrants can all be seen here in good numbers. So if you are feeling stressed out in the life that you are leading then the best ting that you should be doing is packing your bags and heading to the best places for bird watching.


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