Visit Rajaji National Park and Rediscover Your True Calling in

Nature moves in mysterious ways. There are times in your life when you think that everything is just going great and you could not possibly have asked for things to get better. But on the other days life just seems to be a drudgery, something that is just meandering at its own pace without any thrills or excitement in it. It is during such times that you feel like giving it all up and heading for some distant location where you can find some solace and peace. One place that can offer you such a haven is the Rajaji National Park in India.

width="535"This national park was established as an important protected area in the Terai Region in the year 1984. The park is spread over 820 sq kms and is located in the lower Himalayan Ranges, the foothills of Himalayas popularly known as the Shivalik Ranges. The national park is interspersed with the various sporadic streams and brooks that are extremely perennial in tenor. The presence of these magnificent water bodies has ensured that the park is replete with some of the most splendid flora that are classified into six categories.

The park also boasts of some of the most breathtaking fauna such as the elephant, mountain goat, tigers, leopards, gorals, sloth bear, wild boar, Indian hare and the Indian porcupine. If you are on a look out for that perfect getaway to provide you with the much needed break from the monotony of life then this national park should be your first destination. The hotels in Rajaji National Park are well prepared to provide a luxurious stay to the visitors to the park. The Rajaji National park hotels ensure that the people who come tired and looking for some meaning in their lives leave the place more rejuvenated and ecstatic.


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